Lithic Technologies and Human Evolution: Introduction





ソアン川流域、Dhok Pathanの路頭における地質層序・考古学的調査(2015年7月)/ Geological and archaeological survey at Dhok Pathan section in the Soan Valley, Pakistan (7-2015)

東京都武蔵台遺跡Xb層出土斧形石器の画像解析例(野口ほか2016)/ Analyzed images of an Axe-shaped stone tool from Layer Xb, Musashidai site, Tokyo (ca. 32ka)

  This web-site is originally prepared for the field research of prehistoric sites in Pakistan and the studies on human evolution and culture in South Asia during the Pleistocene/ Palaeolithic Age.

  Meantime, new research proposal on 3D Lithic Morphology has been adopted by JSPS Kaknhi Grant-in-Aid for 3 years (FY2017-19). This proposal is aiming on Japanese Upper Palaeolithic technologies but the methods and techniques which will be approved through this project are, of course, applicable for any prehistoric lithic technologies including South Asian Palaeolithic.

  Therefore, in this web-site, I’ll introduce the aim, approaches, progress and results of the project, as well as the news of other collaborative projects, with topics on the latest studies in related scientific fields.