[revised announcement] Joint Field Research Project in Northern Sindh/ シンド州北部総合調査【再予告】


In previous post, I have described our new field research project as the joint project of PaleoAsia×ModAgrO.

Here I have to correct- it should be the joint research project of 3 particular projects- PaleoAsia×RAINDROPS×ModAgrO ! (sorry for Carla).

PaleoAsia: Cultural History of PaleoAsia- Integrative research on the formative processes of modern human cultures in Asia (Scientific Research on Innovative Areas, a MEXT Grant-in-Aid Project FY2016-2020) is the project aiming on the dispersal of modern human (Homo sapiens) across Asia. In this regard, we will survey Palaeolithic localities in the northern Sindh to reveal chronology and behavioral patterns through the late Pleistocene for understanding the emergence and spread of Homo sapiens in the southern route especially relating to the early migration wave.

RAINDROPS: Resilience and Adaptation to Drylands- Identifying past water management practices for drought-resistant crops (European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme (ERC-Stg-2017) under grant agreement No. 759800) is aiming to provide a long-term perspective on human adaptation to and the establishment of resilient cultivation systems in drylands. RAINDROPS team will survey archaeobotanical and palaeoenvironmental samples in the area as well as ethnoarchaeological survey of local traditional crops.

ModAgrO: Modeling the Agricultural Origins and Urbanism in South Asia is conceived for the field research project to reveal long-term human-environment interaction in the are since the Late Pleistocene throughout the Early and Middle Holocene. For the purpose we will survey and excavate various localities for revealing both archaeological and environmental patterns through the time in the area. It will be the initial stage for the project thus we will carry out transect survey for selecting appropriate localities for further field research.

In addition, we should remember the great contribution of our Pakistani counterparts- Department of Archaeology, Shah Abdul Latif University (SALU), Khairpur and Conservation and Documentation Centre, Endowment Fund Trust for Preservation of the Heritage of Sindh (CDC-EFT). Our field research is totally based on their continuous effort of regional survey for decades. We will extend their achievement with multi-disciplinary approach.



パレオアジア文化史学:パレオアジア文化史学 – アジア新人文化形成プロセスの総合的研究 -(文部科学省 科学研究費補助金 新学術領域研究(研究領域提案型)平成28~32年度)は、アジアにおける現生人類(ホモ・サピエンス)の出現と拡散に関する総合的研究プロジェクトです。今回の調査では、対象地域における中期~後期旧石器時代=後期更新世の遺跡の分布・試掘調査を通じて、南アジアにおける現生人類の出現と拡散を明らかにすることを目指します。

RAINDROPS:乾燥地域における適応とレジリエンス- 耐乾性農業のための過去の水利研究-(EU ホライズン2020 研究イノベーションプログラム(ERC-Stg-2017)No. 759800)は、人類社会の乾燥地への適応と復元力のある(レジリエントな)農耕の確立に関する長期的展望を得ることを目指す研究プロジェクトです。RAINDROPSチームは、おもに考古植物学および古環境研究のためのサンプル採取、および地域の伝統的農耕に関する民族考古学的調査に従事する予定です。